SIMCommander Express 4.2.0r1 1

SIMCommander Express 4.2.0r1 1


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Date Added:20 February, 2013

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SIMCommander Express is slim, easy to use Windows Event Management software that automatically collects, correlates, visualizes and store Windows event logs from any Windows servers and workstations. SIMCommander Express also provides drill down capabilities with comprehensive reports to help you in meeting audit and industrial regulation requirements.

SIMCommander Express is the solution that helps you to:

1. Consistently manage the large volume of Windows event log data for real-time and historic analysis to gain actionable intelligence

2. Maximize Windows event log value to support business operations availability and reliability

3. Demonstrate compliance to management team and auditors

Give SIMCommander Express a try to fully assess its capabilities!


Windows Event Log Collection:
TE With SIMCommander Express you can consolidate and monitor Windows event logs in real-time. SIMCommander Express collects application, system, and security event data from all Windows systems within your network and automatically stores them all in a centralized database.

Out-of-the-box Advanced Correlation Rule:
TE SIMCommander Express includes a powerful and flexible real-time correlation engine which provides out-of-the-box scenario-based correlation rules that allow you to start detecting policy violations, abnormal activities and security related events immediately. For example, a file server in the sales department is a critical server that stored all customers and businesses information which no one should be allowed to access the server unless they are authorized.

Real-time Alert Notification:
TE SIMCommander Express proactively notifies you when a security incident is occurred or an event over the pre-defined threshold configuration in real-time. Alert notification can be defined globally or by individual Windows node.
TE SIMCommander Express Alert Response includes various notification types including Email, SMS, SNMP traps, Sounds, run a command line and Helpdesk integration (Remedy, HP OpenView, and SIMCommander IMM).

Comprehensive Reports:
TE SIMCommander Express out-of-the-box report templates including Management reports, Administrator reports, Alert Statistics and Compliance reports to target different levels of audiences within the organization. SIMCommander Express also allows you to customize these pre-defined report templates to suit your specific requirements.
TE SIMCommander Express Real-time Reports act as a dashboard to visualize and summarize major Windows event logs and alerts in graphical views. The reports display real-time event logs or real-time security trends according to the user-defined configurations with drill down capabilities to help you in meeting audit and industrial regulation requirements.

Trend Analysis and Comparison Reports:
TE SIMCommander Express provides report comparison function that allows you to compare Windows event logs by weekly or monthly basis to provide the trend of user or server activities. System administrators can review the comparison reports to improve system maintenance and security effectively.

Compliance Reporting:
TE SIMCommander Express enables you to reduce the cost and effort to comply with internal audit, regulations and industry standards such as PCI-DSS with just simple clicks.

Create Reports for New Compliances:
TE SIMCommander Express reports also can be tailored to meet your specific audit and compliance requirements.

Visualize Windows Event Logs:
TE Visualize information can significantly improve productivity. SIMCommander Express expands the visibility from the large amounts of event logs data into graphical map view for you rapidly and easily to pinpoint which Windows systems are having problem or being attacked.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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